The documents we require to perform the verification vary depending on whether you are registering a personal account or a business account. All our users must provide, in Spanish or English, the following documents.

Identity Document

It is a document that contains your personal identification data and must have been issued by the competent authority of your country of origin or residence. Mercury Cash only accepts any of the following documents as personal and unequivocal identification: Passport, National Identity Card or Driver's License.

In some cases, depending on the country issuing the document, some of these may not be accepted. You can search for your country in this link (Available only in English).

Proof of Address

Proof of address or residence is a document that confirms where you live or, in case you register as a company, where your office is located. This document must be recent, issued in the last 3 months or less, and where your full name and address are visible.

Please note that this may be, for example, a utility bill such as internet or cable TV, or a lease, or a proof of address issued by a government institution.

Self Portrait Photo

A self-portrait photo (SELFIE), taken at the time of entering the information; this will be compared to the photograph of your identity document.

Additionally, companies must be able to supply the following.

Trade name

It is the name that your company has as a registered trademark.

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation are the document that contains the information of the company such as, for example, the name, its purpose, registered agent, board of directors, share capital, legal representative, among others; with which a corporation is established. The document must include the last act or amendment.

Bank statements

They are the balance sheets issued by your bank, where your main economic activity is located, the statement must include the full name of the person or company, address and date.

Tax Identification / Registration Code

Your company's tax identification number (EIN, VAT, RIF)

Last Tax Declaration

The last tax return, in case the company is new, you must send the SS4 form if it is a United States company or corresponding tax registration form from your country.

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