As a financial services company, Mercury Cash must be able to confirm the true identity of its members; therefore, we must carry out a verification process to comply with the regulations. Compliance with these laws and regulations ensures that we can continue to offer digital currency exchange services to our clients.

We carry out hybrid, automated and humane decision-making, with automated processes to verify the data you provide us with to assess whether we are legally authorized or not or to provide the service to you.

We also process your personal information to perform customer services, and even to fulfill our contractual obligations to you.

In order for the verification process to take place, it is necessary that we request from all our users the documentation that can confirm their identity and address, among others.

We take the privacy of our users very seriously and work very hard to protect the information of all our users. We invite you to see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Additionally, you can find information on the documents required for verification by following this link.

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