Mercury Cash announces the creation of the Partners program as an affiliate system to replace the current Referral program. This program is only available after approval, for more information we invite you to follow this link.

The current referral program will end on sunday May 10th 2020 at 11:59 pm (GMT +3). Keep in mind that all invitee that hasn't completed his/her operation by this date will not qualify for the reward. 

About Mercury Partners

At Mercury Cash we firmly believe that the people that still go to financial institutions do so thanks to that executive who attend them and provides them "security" but not because of the institution itself. Money transfers, payment processing and everything related to money custody that an institution can offer is more a job of trust than of marketing.

We offer the opportunity to all people and institutions that are still part of the old system, programs and easy to understand business models to migrate and become part of the biggest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. 

A viable model in which agents, stockbrokers or wealth manager, bankers, portfolio managers or others can offer you all the technological tools of Mercury Cash and earning a fee. all this available at the time you become part of the Mercury Partners program.

Mercury Partners is available only for user who are accepted into the program; our Partners can earn up to 20% of the total commissions of their portfolios.

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