To get started, log in to your account and follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Deposit option, located at the top menu bar.

  • Select either Euro or Dolar as currency to deposit. 

  • Choose Bank Account as the source of the funds.

  • Set the total amount you want to Deposit, considering that the total amount is the sum between the subtotal, which is the amount you want to send, and the service Fee.

  • Select, from the added bank accounts, which account you specifically want to use.

  • Choose the option that best describes the source of the funds you deposit.

  • Then click Continue to preview the selected amount and fee's charged and the total you will get credited to your account. 

  • Finally press the Confirm Deposit button, in doing so you will be shown the Bank information required to perform the bank transfer. 

  • Make the transfer and be sure to enter the reference number as a payment note so we can track it.

This operation will be also shown on your dashboard and your transactions list in case you need the details in the future. 

For more information on this type of operation please see How long does the deposit to be available? - What are the rates involved in a FIAT deposit in Mercury Cash?

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