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Why do we request a Selfie type photo?

With the purpose of improving security, we request at the time of creation of the account, a Selfie type photo where the user's face can be clearly seen to verify their identity, this step is intended to inhibit the proliferation of false profiles and also corroborate the authenticity of the other documents loaded to the profile. It is important to note that this image must be current.


To activate your account In Mercury Cash the following requirements or steps are necessary:

- Upload photo of your identification document * (Driver's license for US citizens or residents / Passport for citizens of other countries).

- Upload recent Selfie type photo.

- Correctly complete all fields of personal information in your profile.


* The document must be valid. We cannot accept expired documents, even if the expiration date has been extended in your country. If a portion of the document is covered by fingers, hair, pet, shadow, sleeve, jewelry, among others. The same will be rejected.


Both the selfie and the photo must be perfectly legible and focused.


Note: Only our compliance staff, who are trained to handle identity checks, will see your image once you send it. Then they are encrypted and stored offline.

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