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How to Buy Crptocurrency with my USD Wallet Balance

First, log in to your Mercury Cash account.

Select the “Buy/Sell” option in the menu and select the “Buy” option.  In this moment you are able to buy Ethereum and Dash.

First, select the cryptocurrency you wish to buy

Then, select the payment method.  You can choose between Credit or Debit Card, wire transfer and your USD Wallet.  For the purpose of this article we´ll select “USD Wallet”.  Make sure that when you select it, the box becomes blue.

In the third step, choose the quantity you wish to buy.  You can write the amount of dollars you want to use or the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to buy.


In the fourth step, choose the wallet for the cryptocurrencies to be credited.  You can create as many wallets as you need in “My Accounts” option, but we´ll leave that issue to another video.


Check the total amount to be paid.  The total amount is the sum between the subtotal (which is the amount you wish to convert) and the service fee.  To check all the fees go the website mercury dot cash, go to the bottom and select the “Fees” option.


Finally, click on “Buy” and that’s it.   In a matter o minutes the cryptocurrencies Will be credited in your wallet.

All the operations need to be approved in order to receive the Ethereum into your ETH Wallet.  Times for approval might be as follows:

Payment Method
Time for Approval
Debit / Credit Card
Wire Transfer
3 – 5 Business Days
USD Wallet
12 hours minimum 

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